Using Lightbox ControlsThank you for visiting my gallery. I have arranged the photographs in groupings. When you hover over an image you will see its title. Clicking on the image will give you to a more detailed look at the photograph. Most of the images are available as limited edition prints. If you don’t see what you are looking for then drop me an email at or call me at 1.519.563.7118. I do create custom installations and assignments. To send an email just click any of the Email Bob buttons in the gallery. Prices are in Canadian Dollars. Shipping is extra and is billed at cost.

Gallery – LandscapesEmail Bob

The landscape is one of my favourite subjects. Early morning or end of day provides beautiful lighting.

Gallery – WaterEmail Bob

Moving water fascinates me. Considering that I live in an area of Canada with no waterfalls within 150 km of home I don’t do too badly getting my fix of moving water.

Gallery – Floral

For a number of years I produced the Windsor Star “Civic Beautification Awards” which were given to outstanding gardens in the area. Perhaps that’s where my flair for flowers originated. But looking back at my work, I’m pleased with the floral images I have created.

Gallery – Abstracts

Abstracts are fun. The first image in this gallery is often thought to be fire rather than reflected fall leaves. The nice thing about abstracts is that they can be whatever you’d like them to be.

Gallery -Triptychs

These are the largest prints I make. They range up to 44″ by 63″ when displayed. They are some of my favourites.

Gallery – Europe

Because of my travels in production I frequently get overseas. Here are a few of my European images.

Gallery – Africa & Asia

The continents of Africa and Asia are fascinating. I will continue to add to this gallery as time permits.