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Bob Gallagher Communications is a boutique production company that provides clients with personal creative services in the areas of presentations, staging events, photography and video production.

With over forty years of production experience on five continents I create presentations for one-on-one demos,  small group presentations and shows for audiences numbering tens of thousands. Because of the boutique business model you always get personal attention that goes beyond the expected.

Looking for a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation? You’re at the right place. I have the experience to work fluently in both presentation softwares. Recently I’ve seen clients beginning to acquire MacBook Pro computers for their presentations just so I can create their show in Apple’s Keynote. Yes, it really is that good. But either way is fine with me.

Not to sure about presenting your story? I will work with you as a coach to refine your style and ability. Making you look good is my job.

Stage an event where your want the best in production and professionalism for your audience. I often take the potpourri of guest speakers presentations and meld them into a single seamless show that makes your event glow. None of this disconnecting one computer and hooking up another while the audience attention fades. If it looks like it’s easy then I’ve done my job well–and believe me that is the target every time.

Whether you need video, still photography, or audio effects, I will weave them into the presentation for you. The whole idea is to be your visual storyteller.

Call me today at 1.519.563.7118 and let’s set up an appointment for you to see my sample reel. You will be glad you did. Or if you prefer, email me at