Viewing the Photographs Upclose

A selection of my photographs are shown grouped into Galleries. To see an image enlarged just click it and that Gallery’s lightbox will open where each image appears much larger for your viewing pleasure. To view the previous or next image in the Gallery click the < or > icons on the left and right edges of the lightbox.

In the lower left corner of the lightbox are four controls. The ▶︎ symbol will play all of the photographs in the Gallery as a slideshow with automatic advances. Press the pause button to stop the show. Next the four headed arrow will make the image full screen. To return from full screen press your ␛ key. To read the title and a bit about each photograph click the ⓘ icon. The title and comments will appear at the bottom of the lightbox. The  icon opens a comment form where you can send me a message. Please include the photograph’s title in your message. Thanks.  To close the lightbox  click the X in the upper right corner or press your ␛ key. Enjoy.


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