Bob Gallagher_5052

I have been a commercial photographer for over forty years receiving numerous photography awards and recognitions for my commercial, portrait and fine art images.

Soft touch for precision measurements.

I often incorporate my photography into presentations and events. I am comfortable working with my own images and the work of others to create the best visual storytelling for the presentation at hand. It is not uncommon to integrate images from dozens of sources world-wide into a single presentation. This is not an ego game, it’s about using the best images from whatever source is legitimately available. I am very careful to use only images on which copyright can be secured. This is done to protect me and equally importantly my clients.

Portraiture is a speciality.
Portraiture is a speciality.
Over the years I have used aircraft, helicopters, boats, cars and lifts to obtain the right image for my clients. My lighting techniques are to quote a local media producer, “Luscious.” It’s all about the light,.whether that’s creating portraits or highlighting products.”

If you are interested in my fine art photography, click here.