Visual Storytelling


I am a Visual Storyteller. It says so right on my business cards. Then the question I’m often asked is “What’s a Visual Storyteller?” Glad you asked.

I specialize in telling clients’ stories especially in a visual manner. University of Windsor Logo © University of WindsorNow when you get to know me that makes perfect sense. My first “big” show was at the University of Windsor in the late 60’s. We used a medium called slides back then. (Actually the artist whose show I produced created her art by painting directly on the slides.) While at the university I received degrees in psychology and communication arts. My grad work was in communications at Windsor and Wayne State.

When I graduated I spent many years as a commercial and medical photographer. Always telling a story visually. While based in Windsor I photographed everywhere. I did aerial photography (my wife and I are both pilots), commercial photography, photographed five prime ministers and politicians at virtually every level of Canada.

Since my university days I have been shooting video–first on tape and now digitally. The visual storytelling transformed into staging programs and events for private and public companies and organizations ranging from health care, financial institutions, media outlets, government and including Past US President Bill Clinton.

Rotary International Logo © Rotary International 2014Today I produce a dozen or so shows annually for Rotary International at their international events. That’s why I’ve said, From the president of local companies to the president of world-wide organizations to the president of the United States I am a Visual Storyteller.