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Sharing my expertise and knowledge has always been important to me. I taught photography and visual communications for 20 years at the University of Windsor as well as a number of years in adult education. Simply put: I love to teach.

Lately I have moved away from pre-scheduled classes towards a more student-driven model. Rather than my booking space and then advertising about classes, I now respond to requests for classes in a different manner. As potential students approach me for instruction they are encouraged to assemble a group of like-minded friends who are interested in the same topic. I then add others who have requested similar classes to the group. Then rather than my spending time on the promotion of the class, I spend that effort to customize the class for the attendees.

What emerges is a learning experience like no other available in this area. And that makes me happy, too.

To start a class or if you are interested in getting on a waiting list, call 519.563.7118 or write me at

Below are general topics that you will find helpful in asking about the possibilities.


Move Off Auto

2 1/2 hours

If you have a new camera or have always left your camera on “auto” this is the course for you. I explain how the five basic parts of any camera work and how they contribute to making good photographs.

“Digital photography without Photoshop is like having a word processor without a spell checker.”


5 Computer Techniques to Improve Your Photography

2 1/2 hours

With digital photography your darkroom is your computer. Bob shows you how to improve your photographs with Photoshop Elements, organizing your library, colour management, high dynamic range images and composition techniques. You should be able to navigate your computer and have Photoshop Elements installed before coming to this class.


Photoshop Elements – Layers and Layers

3 hours

Using layers unleashes the power of Photoshop Elements. From non-destructive retouching, adjustment layers, to creating montages and compilations – layers will free your creativity and ability to take your photography to the next level.



Photoshop Elements – Picture Perfect People

3 hours

Family, friends or strangers – we all photograph people. No matter how well we photograph there can always be some enhancement made with Photoshop Elements. Remove a wisp of hair, reduce wrinkles, replace your ex-(boyfriend, wife, neighbour), smooth out clothing. All this can be done on Photoshop Elements and this class will show you how. You need to be able to navigate your computer and have Photoshop Elements installed before coming to this class. A trial version of Photoshop Elements is available for 30 days.

And here’s all the “small print” in a large type format:

All class and series prices are plus HST. It will be added when you register.

We reserve the right to cancel or postpone any classes for any reason (including but not limited to weather, instructor illness or enrollment levels). As a registered participant you will be notified of any changes made using the contact information provided from your registration. Refunds will be made if we cancel classes.

If you are taking any of the Photoshop classes, you should bring your own computer to follow along and work on images in class. Be sure to have Photoshop Elements loaded and working on your computer before class. Working with the software before you come to class will help you enjoy the class more. If you wish to download a 30-day trial version of Photoshop Elements 10 CLICK HERE. It is up to you to ensure the trail version lasts beyond the class dates.

If you have any questions, feel free to write us at or call 519.563.7118.

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Lower Rosseau Falls Detail © Bob Gallagher, 2014

Lower Rosseau Falls Detail © Bob Gallagher, 2014

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