Photography Classes

Sharing my expertise and knowledge has always been important to me. I taught photography and visual communications for 20 years at the University of Windsor as well as a number of years in adult education. Simply put: I love to share photography.

Kids Photo NightYoung Girl with Camera

3½ hours 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM on July 9, 2019
New program for kids 10-15 years old

You like taking photographs, but you think you could do even better? This is a great event for you. 

Bob Gallagher is offering a Kids Photo Night on July 9, 2019 in Walkerville. We’ll meet at 5:30 for pizza, pop and water. Then we will spend some time talking about taking photographs with your digital camera. 

Any digital camera is fine—whether it’s a regular camera or a smart phone. It’s all about the photograph, not what equipment you used to make it. 

Then we are going for a photo safari to take some photos in the neighbourhood. 

When we return we will put your photographs on the screen and see how well we all did. We will share what we like about the photos and what we could improve next time. We expect to finish at about 9:00 PM.

Who’s invited? You are, and if your parent would like to stay and watch the evening unfold they are welcome. They can even have some pizza. If you’d rather stay alone with Bob and the rest of the kids that’s fine too. There will likely be other adults at the class and the photo safari as well. We would expect the kids will be around 10-15 years old. Some exceptions may be made. You’ll need to talk to Bob.

The cost will be $59 per kid. The parents eat free. (It’s sort of like a family restaurant, only backwards.) You can send Bob the make and model of your camera and he will download your camera’s instruction manual to help answer any questions. 

So we can share the photos we take that night please let Bob know what format of card your camera has. If you plan to use an iPhone we will use AirDrop to show your photos. If you have another smart phone we can use email to transfer the photos.

The idea of the Kids Photo Night is to have fun while learning how to create better photographs. Sounds like a good time. 

To register (or if you have any questions) send Bob an email at or call him at 519-563-7118.

If you want a copy of this description to share, Click Here to download.


Lightroom and Photoshop

2½ hours per session over three sessions
Last offered May 2019
Next class series will be scheduled in Fall 2019

This is an exciting series of three classes on how to use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop (Lr & Ps) to process and enhance photographs. I will provide images for participants to use that are the same images I will use to demonstrate the techniques. You will be able to follow along step-by-step. I will show how to process images in Lightroom and then bring them to Photoshop to enhance and create magic with the images including how to output your photographs.

Before and after Lightroom

The image as a JPEG file from the camera is on the left and on the right is the image after I enhanced the RAW file  in Lightroom. The image on the right is much closer to the feel of the moment when I created the photograph.

You will need a laptop computer with Lightroom and Photoshop installed. The same photographs I use will be supplied to you at the first class so you can work along with the demonstrations. Total cost for the three classes is only $199 plus HST ($224.87). There are only five seats available and registration is on a first-come first-served basis. Email me at today to register.



Moving Off AUTO

2 ½ hours Last offered February 20, 2019
Next class will be scheduled for Fall 2019

If you have a new camera or have always left your camera on “auto” this is the course for you. I explain how the five basic parts of any camera work and how they contribute to making good photographs.

“Digital photography without Photoshop is like having a word processor without a spell checker.”


5 Computer Techniques to Improve Your Photography

2 ½ hours – Not scheduled at this time

With digital photography your darkroom is your computer. Bob shows you how to improve your photographs with Photoshop Elements, organizing your library, colour management, high dynamic range images and composition techniques. You should be able to navigate your computer and have Photoshop Elements installed before coming to this class.

And here’s all the “small print” in a large type format:

All class and series prices are plus HST. It will be added when you register.

We reserve the right to cancel or postpone any classes for any reason (including but not limited to weather, instructor illness or enrollment levels). As a registered participant you will be notified of any changes made using the contact information provided from your registration. Refunds will be made if we cancel classes.

If you are taking any of the Photoshop classes, you need to bring your own computer to follow along and work on images in class. Be sure to have the program(s) loaded and working on your computer before class. Working with the software before you come to class will help you enjoy the class more. 

If you have any questions, feel free to write me at or call 519.563.7118.